Plasma & Water Jet Cutting

Plasma & Water Jet Cutting – Boston Welding

With water jet and plasma cutting, we can cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and aluminum to any shape and size. Water jet cutting can be precise to .005 of an inch which is half the thickness of a human hair.

Plasma Cutting

A plasma cutting tool cuts through materials using a high-speed jet of hot plasma. Superheated and electronically ionized gas passes through the plasma cutter straight to the material.

Plasma cutting is not as precise as water jet cutting, however, it still delivers clear cuts of various shapes and sizes when handled by a skilled metal cutter. The plasma is hot enough to cut through metal and does not produce any molten residue. This process is ideal for cutting conductive metals.

We use plasma cutting to cut metals of different types with various levels of thickness in our facility.

Water Jet Cutting

This is an industrial tool that cuts a wide variety of materials using a highly pressurized jet of water or a combination of water and granite which is an abrasive substance. A water jet doesn’t emit any heat and cuts through the material without damaging the structure or changing the design. We use water jetting to cut holes, create sharp corners and create different shapes. Water jetting is the best option when handling thick material that twists under intense heat. 

Experienced Plasma and Water Jet Cutting Contractor

At Boston Welding and Design, we use water jet cutting to cut all grades of steel. Our skilled metal-cutting professionals make smooth cuts without excess burr, burn marks, cracks or other problems associated with heat-based cutting. Since the jet doesn’t emit any heat, the steel material is not affected by the cutting process.

Our skilled welders and fabricators use computers to guide water jets and plasmas to cut complex shapes like curves and circles..

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