Manufacturing Multiple Units and Single Units

Boston Welding & Design, Inc. is a full service welding manufacturing company with the ability to manufacture and create multiple units that are uniquely designed for particular end uses. A typical welding manufacturing job could require a combination of welding CAD services, steel fabrication, building custom aluminum components, and forming and rolling of stainless steel.

Our Welding Manufacturing Process

When we receive the project drawings from a customer, we create a set of shop drawings that break the manufacturing process down to its basic parts. Before work begins, our precise shop drawings are submitted to our customer’s engineers or architects for approval. We then break the plans down to the necessary stages of manufacturing the individual components, which are then brought together for final assembly, either in our location or during final installation.

We provide quality, superior technical welding experience, prompt delivery, and customer service. We can weld any manufacturing design that you need.

Welding Facility

Our highly trained and experienced welders have the necessary skills to handle any welding job. We work with different types of clients from municipalities to food and power companies.

At Boston Welding our modern facility, equipment, and staff enable us to turn your welding manufacturing ideas into reality. Our fully equipped welding manufacturing facility can handle small and large structures, and our welding specialists can ensure a fast and efficient manufacturing process.

Welding Materials

We work with certified manufacturers to make sure that the welding materials meet the requirements for high-quality products that comply with the industry standards.

The welding manufacturing material we use meets all safety and quality standards.

We have a combined 85 years of welding and manufacturing experience.

We provide welding manufacturing services across all industries.

Our dedication to meet the needs of our clients is what drives us and we have set strict quality control standards to deliver projects on time and according to the exact specifications.

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