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Boston Welding and Design uses forming and rolling equipment to bend stainless steel, steel and aluminum to the exact shapes to meet project specifications. Our forming and rolling machines can create multiple bends in sheet metal while maintaining high precision and repeatability.

Forming and rolling acts as an alternative to welding two pieces of metal together to create an edge. Through this technique, the metal is simply rolled to the desired angle. This process is useful in the process of fabrication and creating prototypes for testing purposes.

Curves, bends, and other shapes require the right equipment, tools, and experienced fabricators to ensure the job is done right. When fabrication requires something other than a flat surface, Boston Welding & Design can provide precise, efficient and cost-effective metal forming and rolling services:

  • Angle bending
  • Brake forming
  • Channel bending
  • Sheet metal rolling
  • Tube rolling

Roll forming is the most economical production process for the continuous bending of metal channels, angles, and complex shapes with multiple bends. Roll forming is a continuous process that employs a series of paired roll tools to progressively shape a flat strip of metal into a desired profile. … Cold roll forming holds an edge over the other production methods as it is a continuous process that eliminates stage production, finishing and sub-assembly operations.

Our Welding Shop Utilizes Forming and Rolling

Every bend that we make is another weld we don’t have to do which provides a cost savings to our customers. Our skilled team works with ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Our metal forming and rolling services include steel tube bending and rolling in both large and small sections. We have different types of metal forming machines that allow us to handle all types of metal forming and rolling projects. Our highly trained staff boasts a combined metal fabrication experience of over 85 years.

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