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Design & Engineering Services by Boston Welding

Boston Welding & Design works closely with engineers, architects, and owners in all phases of welding and building processes.  The practical experience we have gained over years of working in all phases of welding processes including building and installing an amazing assortment of finished products, is very valuable to the architects and engineers we work with.

We very often find ways to save our customers money on materials and installation by the suggestions that our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to make. We take the supplied welding blueprints and bring them into our CAD system to create our own set of welding shop drawings. These shop drawings are sent to the engineer or architect for approval. Once approved, we use these drawings to make all the necessary parts to meet the specifications.

Design and Engineering

We provide custom design services as a prototyping and manufacturing bundle, or as a single service for end users, or as a subcontractor service for manufacturers. We deliver quality CAD drawings and offer you three-dimensional, exploded views and high-quality rendering.

We are a top design and engineering company with a proven track record of completing jobs. We focus on creating metal parts for specific applications. We offer higher quality products and we complete the job competently and in a timely manner.

If you are an architect, engineer or owner who would like to turn your ideas into reality, call Boston Welding & Design, Inc. today at 781-932-0035.

Contact Boston Welding & Design, Inc. today at 781-932-0035 to discuss your needs.

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